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I'm sick of all these 'Pump-N-Dump' NFT schemes.

Bederhaus uses Blockchain Technology to create residual streams of income for our talented hand-picked artists.

There are a lot of hollow NFT projects these days...

...JPGs with recycled computer-generated images. 

No 10,000 cats or 50,000 dogs with different hats and backgrounds;

we're bringing the best and longest lasting parts of blockchain technology into focus.

Collectors of these Access NFTs on the Solana Blockchain are entitled to Super Scarce Collector-Only Drops and their very own instantly-tradeable Ethereum Blockchain NFTs upon the 2022 release of the Bederhaus Meta-Marketplace.

New Collections

Have a Nice Apocalypse by Attention®.jpeg

"Reality is not a constant.

It has a sudden, fragile tipping point."

South-Eastern Artist Attention® pulls motifs from apocalyptic worlds, all of which not too dissimilar to our own.

1/1 pieces minted on the Solana Blockchain.


LVD by Dearbhla Aifric   |   SOLD OUT

Irish-born artist Dearbhla Aifric takes a deep dive into the duality of Light and Dark in this limited collection featuring ten 1/1 pieces minted on the Solana Blockchain.
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