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who are you?

Justin, Founder and CEO of Bear In Mind Group, breaks the fourth wall as he reads his own short biography, or otherwise seems to stare dotingly into the nothingness.

Adobe Certified Associate, experienced Film & Scripting Director and newly-registered Android App Developer with a passion for exploring culturally disruptive media and the avant-garde.

With a First Class (Hons) from Coventry University in Digital Media and after a compelling year abroad in Fullerton at a California State University, my mind and heart have been filled with perspective. This has blossomed a love-affair with researching the foundations and justifications of culture and I have since been creating my own informed sub-culture-centric content through their close analysis. I aim to further research and establish these skills next year with an MPhil in Film and Screen Studies (by Advanced Study).

With 6+ years of entry-level experience writing & directing shorts, making computer graphics, programming of multiple varieties and music production, I am confident in my own ability to effectively articulate my ideas through a wide array of digital mediums.

Now lets go make some music.


"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work".
- Aristotle

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