the zas

a definitive ranking


as of yet, this pizza is fucking untouchable, the fundamentals run deep. excellent and well-balanced marinara, the use of bufala mozzarella (which i have noted to be pretty rare out here) and a crust that would make an italian pizza chef do the little hand thing are what bring this pizza a-shoulder-above the competition. a little overcooked on my visit so currently no higher than 7.7 but i look forward to revisiting 081 in the future.


il bacaro is a solid pizza, like the Ford Focus of tulum pies.
the attention to detail in choosing the correct low-moisture mozzarella, a delicate blend of tomato(ey) flavours in the marinara and the considered crust are what make this a well-rounded and tasty za, through and through. good pizza every time.


crust, the redeemer.
questionable cheese choices along with some uninspiring sauce almost had this pizza rated below a 6;
the crust, however; though not traditional, was a welcome change from the run-of-the-mill italian style pizzas in it's uniqueness brought the pizza above the 6-line. unique crust, average pizza; i'm not mad about it.