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How getting everything you've ever wanted without lifting a finger doesn't work. -RE. Manifestation.

Updated: Feb 23, 2022


If I even so much as utter the word 'manifestation', I may have already lost you.

As a matter of fact, you're brave for clicking this blog post.

To a lot of us, we see manifestation as a clumsily contrived blend of laziness and wishful thinking. So much as to say:

"If I just manifest reaaally reaaally hard, and have a good 'ol think about it, my wildest dreams and greatest fulfilment will become my reality!"

We've seen the courses, seen the motivational speakers;

so WHY then, when we try to manifest something amazing (using, of course, the core principles set out by our Instagram guru) does it not show up at our doorstep??



I think some of us might be missing the point.

Super Conductor by Joe Webb (1/100)

Look at the bigger picture!

What even is manifestation???

It's a knowing.

It's effectively another way of saying:


"I've got my sights set on a tangible goal, and I'm so sure that I'll have it that actually I've accepted that it's already mine. IT IS MINE."


⬆️ This is an example of good manifestation. ⬆️

And actually, even if you fall just-short of the goal, you have likely achieved A LOT.

See, I've found that this is something we all classically do.

We have conversations in our own mind such as:

"Well, if I haven't achieved the goal, manifestation doesn't work, it was CLEARLY all for nothing!" OR

"I can't do the thing I set out to do." (And so on a subconscious level we reason that it wasn't worth the effort AT ALL.)


"I fell short of the goal, I couldn't do it; and I suppose that's confirmation that I never can nor will."



"As a result of actually attempting to do something, you've made SO much more progress than you otherwise would've. In fact, you're actually more likely now to get there than ever; and it's all on YOU."


We've totally missed the point!

Manifestation's never been about getting everything we ever wanted, it's about decluttering, de-noising and clearing up space for a positively-charged strategy. It affords us a better idea on how to achieve our goals instead of just dreaming about and wishing we were somewhere else. (This was really me during my grad job...)

Personally, I manifest for the effect that it has on my subconscious.

All of our subconscious processes are affected by the way in which we speak to ourselves; the agreements we set in our own minds. We hold the keys to our own health and wealth as well as our own decline and death. (With of course some extenuating circumstances...)

So here's my final example for you.


"If you spend all year thinking about how you're going to become a famous popstar, there's a damn fine chance that you'll find yourself in situations, conversations and bouts of productivity totally conducive to that happening."

"It's literally a numbers game."


By no means am I saying this is guaranteed, as if you can just sit back and watch these amazing things happen; but I TRULY TRULY encourage you... no..... I EMPLORE you to try it out.

Set your agenda today. See what happens.

I love you,


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