web3 direction and consultancy

As primary, a changemaker and storyteller, I've worked with members of multi-national Web3 corporations including Bored Ape Yacht Club holders as well as bespoke high net-worth private collections to deliver meaningful community-based NFT Collections. My connections are not limited to Web3 communities hosting the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Lil' Xan.


The Lost Film

A project selling the intellectual property of Thomas Edison as Dynamic NFTs to private investors with access to their own stored copies of the original nitrate frames.

As a Not-For-Profit organisation, most of the earnings were distributed into a fund for aspiring artists whose supplies and and tuition are supported to this day.

Directing the operations, I created a deck for investors, assigned privileges for ownership to the smart contracts of each NFT and we sold out the collection in 2 days. The collection net $888,888 in profit.

Silver Lining.jpg


Bederhaus works to create residual income for hand-picked artists with blockchain technology.

Focusing primarily on artistry, I sold two dynamic NFT collections by two artists, both of which sold out before the official release date and one of which is now listed for 20x on SolSea, Solana's original NFT marketplace.

I intend to use the small select audience generated by these collections for future projects and collaborations with other brands, migrating my ecosystem.



Created by Bored Ape #3613, WeedPunks is a communtiy-centric project focused on providing legislative and financial aid to people incarcerated for non violent cannabis-related crimes; all of which are in states where possession of weed is no longer considered illegal.

As a contracted consultant, I raised their digital impressions on Instagram by 800%, ultimately bringing in 19,000 active discord members and set up a comprehensive plan for the CEO and team to follow leading up to mint date. The community was incredibly active with nightly games and Twitter spaces hosting more than 1,000 people and at times featuring celebrities such as Lil' Xan.

Upon fulfilling my contract with WeedPunks and moving on, I was saddened to see that they hadn't followed through with my plan. The mint day was a catastrophe with 2 date mix-ups and the community I'd built for them had lost faith in the CEO and his project.

The experience was great- but as you can understand, leaving a team who are all stoned unsupervised was a big mistake. I'm grateful for the learning experience.